General consulting: Fill a need, get some advise, or a new opinion. If its the first, 2nd or only opinion on the matter, you’ll have a clear more accurate picture on what the right decision is.

Information systems management: Small business IT department with out the full time staff. I can Manage your IT investments and tools to make sure they keep making money for you and give the stability of a larger company

Project management: From small to large projects, whether hourly, time and materials or a full bid, that includes regular reporting and honest reviews. JDAC helps to ensure your investment makes the impact you need for the price you expected.

CIO/ IT director/IT Manager Services: JDAC can help your small to medium business with daily management of the your it department, either on a short term basis while you look for the right person to fill the position or on a long term basis to help provide a vision for the company’s IT investments.

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Troubleshooting and Repair

Help desk tier 1, 2 and 3:  All levels of help desk support, by contract or hourly rates, on site or remote at 6am or 10 pm. Help ensure your staff  stays effective and efficient, and let them do what they are best at, we’ll worry about the computers.

Data recovery and electronics restoration:Recovery of missing information, be it be from corruption, user error, power issues, age or damaged equipment. JDAC also performs insurance restoration on computer and electronic equipment.

Server and component break / fix support:Experienced server trouble shooting from recovery, repair to rebuild.  JDAC and it’s team mates can can get you up and ruining quickly and cost effectively.

Server trouble shooting: After hours or during business support for server trouble and incidents. With 10 years sever experience, I can help solve those puzzling questions or difficult repairs quickly.

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Check up / audit: Get an outside opinion on your network, servers and desktops. A fresh opinion never hurt, and JDAC helps find and fill in the missing pieces. Checkups and audits help refocus or reinforce a department or team.

Networking and cabling: New installations, or upgrades in cabling, network components, and wireless services. JDAC can design the and install the complete network, or just add a new station.

Design and topology: Design your new or upgraded network including upgrade paths, choices and implementation. With though documentation. With the latest server and virtualization technologies, JDAC can build you a network that is flexible, and expandable.

Maintenance and backup: Perform maintenance and backups on schedule with reports, advise. Will work with existing IT staff or on your behalf if you have no IT staff.

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